Nicola Jarvis is going on tour to teach in USA and Australia in 2014

06 February

Renowned designer Nicola Jarvis is setting off on a worldwide tour, teaching in Williamsburg , Virginia, USA and Adelaide, Australia. As always, Nicola will be using Appletons wool exclusively. The purpose of her trip in the USA is to attract and recruit students for the RSN Certificate and Diploma courses which will be launched in 2015. Her six day crewel work project is called ‘Nicola’s Chintz’ and is a design inspired by a French printed chintz fabric held in the Colonial Williamsburg Museum collection – have a look at a section in our ‘wool in action’ page.

In Australia, Nicola will be in Adelade in September/October 2014 to teach at a needlework conference called ‘Beating Around the Bush’ where 30 needlework teachers from around the globe will converge to share their skills and knowledge. She will be teaching a crewel work embroidery project called ‘Sparrow’, designed by Nicola and stitched by Kate Busby. Nicola’s designs can be seen in ‘Appletons Wool in Action’  (see page link above).