Johan Verbruggen’s “Queen’s Collection” in Homemaker Magazine

07 May



Johan Verbruggen reveals all about his early career and his success as a designer. Johan, who is originally from Belgium, has a real passion for all things British. This passion inspired him to create the eye catching “Queen’s Collection” which was launched on the Queen’s 90th birthday. These tapestry kits are made up entirely from Appletons wool and features a Scottish Thistle, a Welsh Daffodil and an English Rose and lastly her majesty’s Crown. These symbols were chosen as they reflect a sense of patriotism and as with all the Flanders Tapestry Collection, they are so versatile that they would sit happily in a chic modern apartment or on a comfy sofa in a more traditional setting. Johan answers a series of quick fire questions in which he reveals that his favourite material to work with is Appletons Crewel wool!

The full article can be found in the May edition of Homemaker Magazine (Page 86/87)