The AccessArt Village Project

12 December

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Appleton’s gave a donation of wool to AccessArt, an International visual arts charity and this donation sparked the idea for the Village Project. The Project has been a huge success and has now become their largest participatory project to date. AccessArt asked people to send in their stitched houses and buildings and they begun to construct the Village.                      The charity is keen to create a unique artwork celebrating the diversity of their audience, which comes from all walks of life and from many different countries (children, teenagers and adults).  The finished artwork will be an installation of 3D stitched model houses, highlighting the character and individuality of each piece and will be exhibited to the public.

The aim of the AccessArt Village Project is simple: to inspire each person to embroider a line drawing of their home on a 20 cm square piece of fabric.  You can contribute a picture of your home as part of a group (e.g. an afterschool club or local sewing group), or as a creative individual.  The deadline for the project is the end of April 2017. All ages are welcome to join in!

If you are interested in creating a stitched house or just want to find out more information about the project, just click on the following the link: /accessartvillage/