J Enterprise Co Ltd

26 April


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J Enterprise Co Ltd was originally known as ‘Jeong Min-Ja’s Home Fashion’ which started business as a private shop in 1986. J Enterprise Co Ltd was founded in 1999 and launched the handcraft brand “by hands”.  The Company  launched  the online shopping  site “EnjoyQuilt” which distributes domestically produced quilting materials aswell as products from famous International quilting and sewing brands to the domestic market. This  well- known Korean company also produces handmade quilting materials and exports these materials to a variety of countries including America, Russia and China.

In addition to the above, the brand has continued to expand into variety of different areas.  J Enterprise Co Ltd publishes a quilting magazine and also runs a quilt and sewing educational institute, The Korean Quilt School, which was established in 2007. The School is now made up of 12 branches nationwide, with the aim being to develop the quilt business in Korea and promote the artist’s work.

In 2012 J Enterprise Co Ltd became the sole Korean distributor of the global sewing machine brand JANOME and in 2016 launched the online shopping site

More information can be found on the company website: