The Flanders Tapestry Collection- Recent Additions

03 May

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Since Johan Verbruggen came back from the South of France and settled in the UK, he has been concentrating on larger projects. The result is the two new large cushions that are available from The Flanders Tapestry Collection: the large Pineapple and the large Artichoke, both 50cm square so plenty of work for keen stitchers!

The tapestries are beautiful. Not only are the Appleton’s colour pallets chosen for these projects very realistic, but they also add a great dimension and depth to the designs themselves. In background of the Artichoke cushion Johan uses colour 888 which is one of the most recent additions to the Appleton’s pallet. Johan was very drawn to this shade and has used it in quite a few designs, as he believes it has a versatility that makes it blend in with any interior scheme you may have at home.

The next design in the collection that  Johan is currently working on is a Savoy Cabbage which will be available in the Autumn.

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