Jacqui Pearce’s new cross stitch book – “Stitch Club Volume 1” out now!

12 October

Jacqui is an award winning designer who has been at the forefront of the crafting revolution for the last 10 years. Jacqui worked in the Fashion industry for many years before she launched her fledgling brand ‘Granny Knits’ in 2005, selling supersized knitwear into Selfridges. When a buyer saw one of her innovative woolly cross stitch cushions at a trade show in 2008 her journey into cross stitch began. Her designs are quick to stitch and her supersized ‘Tuck Shop collection’ remain some of her signature makes and customer favourites. Jacqui has always used Appletons Wool in her designs and kits, which are sold from her site:

Photo for book1     Photo for book 3

‘Stich Club Volume 1’ is Jacqui’s third book and features her signature Appletons Wool on canvas supersize style. It is a collection of new designs and some of the favourite limited edition projects and charts from her Crafteratti Stitch Club, a monthly craft subscription service which sends out a monthly themed stitching fix to her regular customers and fans of her big, bold, colourful cross stitching style. There is also a comprehensive Stitching School section with ideas of how to finish your projects. If you are a fan of Cross Stitch and crafts and love pattern and colourful modern quick projects, then this is the perfect book for you!

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To buy Jacqui’s book online, please click on the following links: or ORDER ON AMAZON HERE