Commemorative tapestry completed to celebrate RAF Centenary

31 March


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To celebrate the centenary of the RAF in April 2018, Gloucestershire RAFA suggested that a commemorative tapestry should be embroidered for the Jet Age Museum. 

The team was led by Patricia Coupe, who had been involved in the Great Tapestry of Scotland and they had 18 months from concept to completion. Many said it couldn’t be done, but team didn’t give up easily and the magnificent work was finished on time and on budget!

The project consists of 10 x 1 metre square panels, illustrating the breadth of Gloucestershire’s involvement with the RAF. The embroidery was done in such a way as to make the images look like sepia, black and white and colour photographs to show the passage of time.

A team of around 50 embroiderers were recruited from wool winders to coffee and cake makers. Everyone worked in small teams and met up once a month to discuss the progress of the tapestry. The camaraderie was very special and new skills were learned, confidence boosted and friendships made, whilst at the same time, contributing to a work of art to be enjoyed for the next 100 years.

The tapestry was finished in early March 2018 and is being handed over to RAFA on the 1st April and being blessed by the  Minister in St. John’s church, Churchdown, Gloucestershire.

A RAFA Area Presidential Certificate was awarded in recognition of the Gloucester Branch Tapestry Project. 


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