Pembridge Tapestry Group to launch map in May 2019

27 January

The Pembridge Tapestry Group was formed in 2011 and stitching of ‘The Pembridge Tapestries’ began a year later. This followed the preparation of historic research and artwork and a series of workshops to learn new stitches and for some of the group of 15 stitchers to learn to thread a needle!

The tapestries entitled “Pembridge Past to Present” are embroidered in Appletons crewel wool and record the diverse history of the unique medieval village from Doomsday to the present century. Historians unearthed many stories about ghosts, myths and legends connected to the village to weave around each of the pieces. Over the next three years, 12 individual tapestries were worked on. The local village school also designed the headliner tapestry, making 13 tapestries in total. The pieces were completed in 2015 and were presented to the people of Pembridge at a celebration weekend which included a flower festival, history talks and concerts. Many visitors have since come to the village to see the tapestries on permanent exhibition in St Mary’s Church.

Gill Smith, who formed the Tapestry group wanted to keep the talented group together and came up with the idea of producing a map of the village, putting the houses and important buildings into context!  The plan was broken up into sections so that small groups of stitchers could go away and work on their own piece.  After two years of stitching, these were worked back together into the complete map of which all of those involved are immensely proud.  ‘The Pembridge Map’ was featured in ‘The Village of the Year’ on Channel 4 in 2018 and has now been mounted and framed and will be launched at a weekend event starting on Friday 24th May 2019. Dr Alex Langlands will open the event which will include concerts, talks and walks along with a Pageant led by the children of the local school and will take place through out the weekend with a ceilidh in St Mary’s Church. The map will be dedicated to two of the Pembridge Tapestry stitchers, Linda & Pat.