Appletons Wool used for charitable causes

31 January

The Materialistics are a group of needlework enthusiasts who came together in 2010. The group made excellent use of wool donated by Appletons that we were unable to use to make pouches, wooly hats and mittens for charitable causes.

The pouches were made in response to an appeal on Facebook from the Australian Animal Rescue Craft Guild (ARCG) asking for woollen items to keep small animals rescued from the fires on the South East Coast of Australia warm. The pouches were knitted specifically for tiny animals such as hairless possums and they had to be made of wool. Each item was made using three strands of the thin wool to make the garments warmer.

Wooly hats and mittens were also sent to ‘Knit for Peace’ in London for Syrian Refugees. Again, the pieces had to be wool because of the need for warmth, the lack of washing facilities and because of the open fires which are a common hazard in refugee camps – Wool doesn’t burn like acrylic.

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