Stitching in Lockdown

24 April

Stitching attracts people from all walks of life and celebrities are no exception! The American actress and musician Parker Posey recently gave an interview to ‘the Strategist’ and revealed that she is currently making use of her time in lockdown to work on her stitching. Parker has grown up stitching and during her childhood Parker used needlepoint as a distraction and a way to cope with her allergies. Parker sees stitching as a form of meditation and reveals that it provides her with a sense of peace and feels that now is the right time to sit down and stitch.

Parker is a fan of Emily Peacock’s kits and is working on one of her printed canvas kits at the moment. Emily’s kits which include well know British authors and playwrights contain Appletons wools and are a celebration of all things British.

These kits are available online through Emily’s website and also through our online partners: