Maggie McBride

21 May

We wanted to bring you a few new images today from someone who is creating not from a commercial standpoint, but for the satisfaction and beauty they bring. Maggie McBride (Instagram: @MaggieMcBride546) studied fashion design and has worked in the clothing industry, but has recently taken up wool embroidery. In a particularly pertinent moment, she has created a Yokai – a merman who according to Japanese mythology, should protect the owner from plagues and pestilence. Could come in handy round about now….

The St Bridgets Cross (top right) was added to reflect Maggie’s Irish roots – these are a protective symbol in Irish homes.

The below piece is a hot water bottle cover, inspired by Maggie’s time working in Istanbul where she learned jewellery skills. We think it’s stunning. Have a look at some of her other pieces on Instagram!