NHS Embroidery Challenge

14 May

The latest incentive to show support for the NHS – ‘The NHS Embroidery Challenge’ – is underway thanks to Lucy Martin who has joined forces with @royalneedlework, @rsndegree and @UniCreativeArts to launch the #CreatorsAssemble NHS Embroidery Challenge.

Lucy is asking you to show your love and appreciation for our incredible National Health Service by embroidering the NHS logo inside a heart shape. The free template can be found by clicking the link in Lucy’s Instagram bio.

Lucy has been overwhelmed with the number of pieces that have been created so far. They have been beautifully produced by people of every skill level and are a fantastic tribute to the incredible work of our NHS. Displaying the pieces in windows has helped to spread joy throughout communities who are struggling during this difficult time.

The variety and creativity demonstrated by every person involved has shown that despite being in lockdown the arts continue to thrive Appletons is keen to support this amazing challenge for all members of the family. Any colours, any stitch, any level will do and if anyone uses our wool to do it, we will definitely share your photos of your designs online!!

Happy stitching!