Kids tapestryAppletons have been supplying embroidery and tapestry wool for over 178 years and to this day we source all our wool from the wool markets in Bradford, ensuring a consistency of quality and colour. The wool is then spun into either crewel or tapestry weight hanks and dyed by Harrison Gardners, the leading yarn dyeing specialists, who have been dyeing wool for over 110 years. As we have 421 shades, we are careful to ensure ongoing consistency of colours to provide a level of confidence for anyone wishing to restore a piece of work or complete a larger project.

Originally based in Chiswick, London, Appletons are now based in Buckinghamshire, from where our wools are dispatched throughout the UK and around the world to customers involved in activities ranging from the completion or restoration of ancient tapestries to rug making, tapestry designing and restoration projects in churches and historic houses. In addition we supply a national charity, Fine Cell Work, who educate prisoners in the art of tapestry and embroidery and employ them to produce cushions, kneelers and similar items.

Alderney Bayeux Tapestry