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New Designs from The Flanders Tapestry Collection

09 September

Take a look at the stylish designs from The Flanders Tapestry Collection. Johan Verbruggen uses different shades in a single stitch to create the subtle and detailed colour variations seen in the flowers, fruit and vegetables in the collection. Johan uses unusual background colours to enhance his designs that suit every interior. The Flanders Tapestry […]

Amanda Carter

07 September

Take a look at Amanda Carter’s beautiful kits! Amanda has been sewing since the age of 4 and over the years has tried many different forms of needlecraft such as knitting, crochet, tatting and lacemaking.  In the last few years Amanda has focussed on designing embroidery kits and teaching embroidery workshops. Amanda teaches in her […]


25 August

The usual holidays aren’t happening this year (along with most other fun things!) but staycations are on the rise. Britain is beautiful at all times of the year and the traditional beach holiday is worth a re-visit.  For those of us who won’t get there this year, here’s a way of joining in from home: […]

National Fishing Month

19 August

It’s currently National Fishing Month. For those of us that prefer more indoor pursuits, there’s no reason not to join in the fun. Have a look at the images below; you can empathise with those keen people out in the cold wet rivers as you sit indoors creating a beautiful image!         […]

Thread and Mercury – Yasmeen Mocharrafie-Laouira

08 July

Have a look at one of the latest designers to start using Appletons Wool – Yasmeen Mocharrafie-Laouira- Yasmeen spent 15 years working as a fashion designer for high street brands. During this time, she continued to develop her love for textiles by creating her own tapestry projects, experimenting with colour and stitching. ‘Thread and Mercury’ […]

Archie Brennan

29 June

Archie Brennan began his 60-year weaving career at Dovecot Studios in his home city, Edinburgh. From Australia to Papua New Guinea, he inspired weavers all over the world and became the undisputed master of modern tapestry, as well as a sharp and talented pop artist. Despite Archie’s huge influence in both the weaving and art […]

Father’s Day Ideas

18 June

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday 21st June and if your little ones are looking for an original idea to surprise Dad with, have a look at where they have affordable kits for kids and beginners – for cheeky monkeys, horse lovers who might be hinting something to dad, or racing drivers in the making! […]

British Flowers Week 15 – 21 June

14 June

If we can’t get to enjoy markets full of beautiful flowers in ‘British Flowers Week’ then this may be the next best thing. Chelsea Flower Show 2020 took delight in virtual events, so surely we can celebrate the beauty of the flowers in our needlework. Why not have a look at the handmade creations of […]

Back to School

04 June

As some children start to go back to school, time to start focusing on learning our letters. Emily Peacock has some great kits for novices and experienced stitchers – for more details. As the weather has reverted to its usual British grey, what a great time to pick up the indoor activities!  

Garden Wildlife Awareness Week

30 May

Next week (1-7 June) is Garden Wildlife Awareness Week. Those of us fortunate enough to have a garden, or who live near some green spaces will have seen the increase in animal activity over the last few months now that everywhere is quieter. Diana Fernsby  has a wonderful range of animal themed needlework kits […]