Cleopatra’s Needle


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Cleopatra’s Needle has been designing and manufacturing tapestry kits since 1991. Located in the Scottish Highlands, Cleopatra’s Needle specialises in designing smaller kits appealing to beginners and experienced stitchers alike.  From small and contemporary to large and traditional, Cleopatra’s Needle has something to suit all abilities.

The Lavender Hearts, Phone and Spectacles Cases and Herb Pillows, not only contain the printed canvas, Appleton’s Wool, needle, charts and instructions, but they may also have fabric, ribbon, decorative beads and lavender seeds. Many customers enjoy making the kit and giving the finished product as a hand-made gift.

Cleopatra’s Needle also undertakes commissions and has worked with The Courtauld Gallery to launch their ‘Bloomsbury Group’ Collection inspired by the Courtauld’s Omega workshops textile archive. The Falkland Island Penguin Phone Cases was another fun project. Commissioned by a gift shop in Stanley, Falklands Islands, the kits are popular with the many cruise passengers who visit to see the penguins.

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