Colours – DIY

On this page you will find some help in putting the Appletons colour guide onto your own web site, and at the bottom of the page, links to download the graphics.

  1. If your web site is running on WordPress, then you should be able to host the page as it exists on the Appletons web site.
    • You must install the PlugIn “Simple LightBox”, we are using ver 2.7.1 on WordPress ver 5.2.2.
    • Depending on your ability and skills, you may need help from the person who set up your website, or another IT professional.
    • Download the images for the Thumbnails and the large images below. The thumbnails and large images must be uploaded to your WordPress Media area.
    • Down load the HTML code at the link below. You will need to do a global ‘search and replace’ to alter the links to suit your WordPress installation. It may be that all that is needed is to replace with your own web address. But you are advised to check. You can do the global replace using a simple text editor like Notepad. Then upload all of the code using the WordPress edit code facility. (Note the tags [SLB_group] and [/SLB_group] are directives to the LightBox plugin, and should not be altered)
  2. If your website is not using WordPress, you may still be able to use the images below, but you (or your website designer) will need to write some suitable code to display the images in a similar way to that on the Appletons website.


Thumbnails – 300 KB

Pinks and Reds – 13 MB

Pastels, Whites and Greys – 3 MB

Greens – 13 MB

Browns and Yellows – 14 MB

Blues – 13 MB

Purples and Mauves – 13 MB

HTML Code – 100 KB