Tina Francis Tapestry

 Tina Francis Tapestry – New Designs using Appleton’s Wools

Tina creates one off tapestry designs using second-hand wool. These designs are then used as the basis for wall art and interior accessories.  In addition to these one-off designs, Tina also creates tapestry kits using Anchor and Appleton’s wools.

Tina’s interest in embroidery started by chance after winning a box of embroidery transfers in an auction. The box contained a huge number of knitting and stitching patterns that had been collected and stored over a lifetime. Tina was inspired to look at home crafts and found that tapestry needlepoint appealed to her the most as it combined printing and texture. After teaching herself to stitch by finishing off second hand tapestries, Tina was ready to create her first designs. Five years later, Tina established a small tapestry kit business and regularly exhibits in galleries across the UK.

Tina has used Appleton’s Crewel wool in her latest work for the Metropolis exhibition at RBSA in Birmingham. Using Crewel wool in her tapestry stitching has opened up a whole new colour palette. Unable to mix colours like a painter, Tina relies on resonance to create depth and movement. This rhythm can be seen in Tina’s latest kits. “Confetti” is stitched on a 21cm or 30cm discs, designed to be hung from ceilings and hooks. The kits are limited to 10 per colourway.

Tina Francis 1                  Tina Francis 2

“Framed” is another of Tina’s kits which also uses blends of crewel wool. Each kit comes with canvas, wool and a frame.

Tina Francis 4