Thread and Mercury

Yasmeen studied Fashion and Textiles at Middlesex University and spent 15 years working as a ladieswear fashion designer for high street brands.

During this time focussing on fashion she continued to develop her love for textiles by creating her own tapestry projects, experimenting with colour and stitching. With a view to move on from the fashion industry, she started Thread and Mercury to enable others to make her new and contemporary designs to put into their own homes.

Yasmeen’s tapestry designs are influenced by graphic design showing a love for nature and style. As with fashion, she finds her inspiration from what’s on trend but keeping a timeless element. Thread and Mercury was only established in 2020 but Yasmeen has exciting plans for the future for large and small kits that can be made into cushions or framed pictures.

There are 3 large kits available to buy on Etsy, The Toucan, The Cactus and The Deco Diver. There are now 3 large kits to buy on the Appletons website - the Leopard, the Lemur and the Zebra. These come under the generic heading of Wild Things.
Yasmeen is conscious about the environment by keeping her packaging plastic free and using recycled materials. Everything is sourced locally to support UK businesses.