SurlaStudio is a family of keen and enthusiastic needle pointers who have totally immersed themselves in designing unique tapestries.

Since their parents came over from Eastern Europe, they have been heavily inspired by home crafting, folk art and the Arts & Crafts movement, especially needlework. Together they have become a micro-factory and have designed many tapestry designs for cushions, pictures, wall hangings or stool coverings. It had been a dream of theirs for over 20 years to create their very own designs, as a family.

Their designs are very often inspired by mythology and nature. Their love of patterns and decorative borders are intricately executed with a unique approach with colour. This said, there is something still intrinsically traditional about making the tapestries into perfect gift items for every style of home.

They use Appleton Wools as these offer a wide selection of hues and tones, giving the completed tapestries a professional finish that will last for many years. The kits include plain canvases with full colour charts, in order to reach the fine details within each design, a needle and a set of instructions.

They are in the process of creating smaller designs and look forward to sharing these with you soon.